Vegan Almond Milk Cookies

Nuteva Coimbatore

Almond milk is highly nutritious and a perfect alternative for the normal dairy milk. It is naturally dairy free and lactose free making it highly suitable for all vegans and lactose intolerant people. Almond milk is low in calories, rich in vitamin E and is a good source of calcium too. Try the simple and easy recipe to make 100% vegan and natural cookies at home...

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Stay fit and healthy with Almond Butter

Got into an intense fitness routine? You might skip some of your daily nutrients and that could cause an impact on your health. Be it a short or a high-intensity exercise, eating the right healthy food before your work out session provides you loads of energy to perform well during. Therefore, don't cut down your healthy diet while you want to shed down a few pounds...

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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

For the true nut lover, this nutritious smoothie is fast, easy to prepare and can be adapted to use your own favorite ingredients. All the personal trainers and fitness instructors want you to eat more proteins after a workout. Here is one way you can add heathy fats and proteins into your fitness diet, which is super easy to make and fun filled. Tastes like milkshake and extra healthy too...

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Rich Paneer Curry With Cashew Nut Butter

Panner Butter Masala is a typical Punjabi dish loved and eaten by all. The soft alluring paneer chunks are cooked with rich creamy cashew butter and tomato gravy. This is the most famous dish when it comes to Indian Cuisine. There are many variations. The below recipe is one that is extremely easy to make yet delicious to taste...

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Almond Butter & Apples

Fast and easy to prepare, a plate of almond butter and apples is a perfect afternoon pick-me-up, after-school snack or nutritious alternative to desserts. Most of the time we are all so pressed for time with both parents working. Do you feel guilty to feed your children junk? Here is an alternative to sugary junk food, add healthy proteins and fruits to your kids diet with this delicious recepie...

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