Nut Milks

Its a healthy milk alternative for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant

Contains good fat which helps Lower Bad LDL Cholesterol therefore suitable for people with high cholesterol and heart diseases. It has also hem shown to aid with weight loss.

Almonds boast a massive amount of nutrients, and are the most nutritious of all the nuts.ln one of box of 137 Degrees, you get a great dose of FOLIC ACID (up to 70% of daily value) Our almond milk also has just as much calcium as cow’s milk.

Almonds are loaded with ANTIOXIDANTS and best source of Vitamin E for your glowing skin.

Our 100% pure organic coconut flower nectar is also natural, low GL sweetener – Which can help to manage diabetes and control your appetite.

Taste Great! simply because it’s made from non-GMO whole almonds; and can be consumed everyday!